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Every special moment has a candle lit

Did you know that scent(s) is the strongest tie to memory? Well now you do

It’s magic with the one you love: Dimly-lit lights, scented candles and a table for two. It has a beautiful rhythm to it even without a love song, but that could work too 😉 who says that special moment cannot be reminisced every single day? Definitely not us.

Our Dolce de leche candles have a significant blend with dinners because of the desert-like fragrance it gives off and what better fragrance to set off the mood for the evening.

Dulce de Leche transforms your space into a quaint dessert store filled with the subtle aroma of a mixture of vanilla and caramel. This sweet yet subtle fragrance tempts your senses and is the right mix for an evening of love

Try a Dulce de Leche candle today and let us know how it goes!

Love & Mwanga.