Let’s Talk About Gift Ideas (Part 1) September 14, 2020 – Posted in: Uncategorized

The first step to determine the best gift for that amazing person in your life is to identify what they would love to be gifted, for me and almost everyone around me; it’s candles any day any time! We share our love for scents like it’s a never-ending love story.

Gifting someone scented candles has a level of depth to it, it’s gifting a memory, Coming across such scents again automatically brings you to mind and that’s what everyone wants; not to be forgotten by the people who matter most.

Mwanga candles are for all times: Baby showers, bridal showers, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Bae’s birthday, condolence gifts, whatever. It’s one of the most heartwarming gifts for whatever mood and message you want to pass across, be it wellness with our Lavender candles or rich man vibes with our Arab Money and That Woody Feeling or our fruity and floral vibes in our Raspberry Sangria, Citron & Mandarin, Orange Blossom? Name it, we gatchu! and what’s even better than a wide variety? Affordability 😊 we really do care about your wellbeing and pockets too.

Sooo since you made it here, I’m assuming there’s that loved one you want to gift a candle or diffuser and you need help deciding what scents could work? Not to worry, we are here to help, but first, there is a disclaimer;


Whether it’s a single candle wrapped beautifully in a gift box or a set of varying scents in a gift set, whatever decision you make, there are no wrong answers because we have it all. I’m about to take you on an interesting journey of gorgeous looking gift boxes and scents. Let’s start with scents:

For Your Mom

You want your mum’s apartment to smell like she has rich kids pampering and funding her baby girl lifestyle because she deserves it, doesn’t she? Better her friends compliment the scent in her apartment and wish they were her (pepper dem mama *hands up*). Then I present to you; Raspberry Sangria, Happy and Margarita. These are our mothers’ favorites and best sellers for our female customers who come back to us with glowing reviews of how amazing their home smells. Don’t sleep on us dears, we are rolling up our sleeves to make you happy.

For Your Mentor/Boss

Want your boss to identify that you possess a taste of luxury and elegance?  as in you sef sabi? Arab Money, That Woody Feeling, Minty Goodness, Cedarwood Vanilla, and Hazelnut Coffee are top choices for male bosses, they ooze dominance and class while Raspberry Sangria and Margarita give off the sweet note of elegance and luxury.

To be continued…